Created by artisan Jen Utsch, Jendala resulted from the strong belief that there is a connection between creativity, the environment, and universal growth. Jendala's mission is to encourage a sustainable way of living for ourselves and our environment from what we already have—what we believe is a healthier way of being. Sustainable, inspiring, affirmational, and colorful, Jendala brings a smile in its uniqueness, forming words and shapes from recycled metal.

Jendala is committed to creating “soulful” art that will uplift the spirit and encourage positive thoughts. Current products include picture boards, hanging affirmation chimes, mobiles, flags, jewelry holders, key holders, and necklaces. These inspiring reminders are handcrafted in Northern California from salvaged and reclaimed materials. The metal is cut and hand painted, then assembled with select beads and bells purchased from sustainable workshops in India and Indonesia.

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“ My product line is very simple, bold, colorful, and expressive. I especially love the affirmation chimes and flags which ring positive messages into the environment. Beads and bells are selected from Sustainable Cooperatives in India and Indonesia where I have a long relationship with these ethical and family run businesses. ”

- Jen Utsch