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Affirmation Chime (Horizontal)

Ring in reminders of Peace and Love with these recycled metal chimes. Horizontal affirmation chimes are approximately 7" wide x 10" tall.

Word Choices: Abundant, Adventure, Aloha, Amazing, And so it is, Awesome, Balance, Beach, Beautiful, Believe, Blessing, Breathe, Camp, Celebrate, Cheers, Compassion, Congrats!, Cork It, Courage, Create, Dance, Discover, Dream, Empower, Explore, Faith, Family, Friends, Garden, Grace, Grandma, Grateful, Gratitude, Happy, Harmony, Harvest, Home, Hope, Imagine, Inspire, Intention, Journey, Joy, Kind, Kindness, L’Chaim, Laugh, Let Go, Listen, Live, Love, Luminous, Magical, Mahalo, Mazel Tov, Meditate, Meow, Miracle, Mother, Namaste, Nest, No Worries, Passion, Patience, Peace, Peaceful, Pinot, Play, Playful, Positive, Respect, Revolution, Ride, Roadtrip, Rockstar, Run, Sat Nam, Serenity, Shalom*, Shoes Off, Simplify, Sisters, Ski, Smile, Snow Day, Spring, Strength, Sunshine, Super Dad, Super Mom, Swim, Team, Thank You, Thrive, Twinkle, U Rock!, Vino, Welcome, Why Not?, Wild, Wine, Wisdom, Woof, Yoga

Affirmation Chime (Horizontal)